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A Different Style of Learning

A Different Style of Teaching, with Preparation for Life


Unicorn Village Academy (UVA) focuses on the whole student, teaching them life skills, employment readiness and academics.  The curriculum encourages independence, self-advocacy, and preparation for life.


UVA teachers help students meet their academic goals by providing very specialized instruction.  They develop a sense of each students’ uniqueness by spending a number of years with them and their families.  Additionally, students are provided with opportunities, in a variety of community settings, to actively engage in real life learning experiences and exploration.

Regardless of academic abilities, it is the executive function, communication, and social skills that will truly make a difference in the success of students becoming contributing members of society.

A middle and high school for 11-22 year old students with developmental and learning challenges that provides a safe and dignified learning environment to explore and realize true abilities and potentials. Using an innovative, strength-based teaching model, integrating academics, social and inter-personal communication strategies, students will develop the necessary skills to successfully transition to work, college and independent living. Unicorn Village Academy will give each student the opportunity to live out their own dreams and control their own lives and fully engage in the community in which they live.



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