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Program Outline


Academic Instruction

A student-centric curriculum blend catering to multiple learning styles and levels. Classroom materials used consist of multiple evidence-based learning systems chosen to fit the student’s individual needs. Classroom instruction is delivered in small group setting with opportunities for hands-on and community-based learning.

  • Middle school: Prepares young learners for transition into high school, developing and expanding skills in independence, self-determination, and academic study.
  • High school: Prepares students for a high school diploma, following the FLDOE guidelines, through standard or access pathway
  1. Standard track- for students with ability to master the Florida Sunshine State Standards without modifications
  2. Access option- presented with modifications for students to demonstrate a general working knowledge of the curriculum

Average class ratio 1:6

Intensive Study Program (ISP)

  • For students on standard track, instruction is provided in small group, 1:1, and/or guided independent study.

Classroom management

  • School wide student support plans, designed to instill community and positive behavior recognition
  • Individualized plans based on student specific target goals

Vocational Training

Classroom instruction

  Hard Skills, needed to obtain employment; Soft Skills , needed to sustain employment

  • Life skills: Tools and information to increase independence across settings
  • Career Education & lab: job skills training, and employment readiness
  • Work Readiness: Advanced curriculum for students preparing to enter the workforce

Community based instruction

  • UVA jobsites: Various work skills training job sites on campus
  • Community jobsites: supported employment training in varied business settings
  • Employment training internship: full year, full time, full work immersion

Extracurricular programming (additional fees apply)

Breakfast Club

Morning program runs 1 hour prior to school arrival.

After School Enrichment

Afternoon program runs for 2 hours after school.

Programs offered (subject to change based on enrollment)

       Swimming      Tennis      Basketball       Golf      Fitness  training

       Special Olympics       Music & Movement

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